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The Robert Goldwyn Mentoring Award was established in 2012 by ACAPS both to honor the memory of a leading contributor to academic Plastic Surgery as well as to recognize an ACAPS member who has contributed significantly to the growth of upcoming leaders in Plastic Surgery education and training. The awardee is asked to present at the Senior Residents Conference and will have the opportunity to serve as a Visiting Professor to various Plastic Surgery training programs during the year following the award.

The Robert Goldwyn Mentoring Award Award is given to an ACAPS member who has contributed significantly to the development of ethical, compassionate and academically productive surgeons for the next generation, in the manner of Dr. Goldwyn.

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Year Recipient
2017 Joseph M. Serletti, M.D.
2016 Raymond Morgan, M.D.
2015 Joseph McCarthy, M.D.
2014 Julian Pribaz, M.D.
2013 J. William Futrell, M.D.
2012 Paul N. Manson, M.D.

Please note that the VP visits are limited due to availability of funding, so not all requests may be honored.

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