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Job Title: Transgender Surgery Fellow / Clinical Instructor
Date Available: July 1, 2020
Location: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD
Description: The Johns Hopkins University Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is announcing a year-long fellowship in gender affirmation surgery beginning July 2020. The surgical fellowship will provide training in all transgender procedures, including microvascular phalloplasty, metoidioplasty, vaginoplasty, masculinizing & feminizing chest surgery, and facial feminization (including frontal sinus setback, rhinoplasty, tracheal shave and genioplasty/jaw contouring). Training volumes will exceed 150 major cases per year.

The fellow will have other opportunities for microsurgical experience at Hopkins and is expected to graduate with proficiency in Reconstructive Microsurgery. Additionally, as a plastic surgeon leads the multidisciplinary Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health, there will be opportunities for interested fellows to gain experience in program leadership, non-surgical fields (psychiatry and mental health) and development of new programs. There will be routine involvement with resident and medical student teaching and participation in research. The fellow is expected to hold an appointment as Clinical Instructor on the faculty and there will be opportunities for graduated independence as the year progresses.

Program Director: Devin O'Brien Coon, MD

Prerequisite: Successful completion of an ACGME-accredited plastic surgery residency program and eligibility for a Maryland medical license.

Contact: Interested candidates should forward their CV and two letters of recommendation to:

Melissa Noyes
Clinical Program Coordinator

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