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ACAPS News - February 2015

President's Message
Jeffrey Janis, MD, President of ACAPS Jeffrey Janis, MD

Over the past several months since we instituted the President's Page, we have tried to highlight the work product of several committees and task force is within ACAPS. The purpose is to demonstrate the continual progress and significant efforts that are being made to generate practical member value, and not just wait for the business meetings to communicate with the membership. This month showcases the hard work of three groups, specifically the new Microsurgery 101 Task Force, the Teach the Teacher Educator’s Series Task Force, and he continued work of the Website Committee. I hope you get the sense that we have a tremendous number of individuals that are working together to help address common issues we all face, and have taken the time and effort to develop tools and programs for the membership to use.

I hope everyone is staying warm, and look forward to seeing everyone in Arizona for our Spring Retreat. It would be great to have everyone there!

Yours in service,
- Jeff Janis
President, ACAPS

Deadline for Independent Program Withdrawal from The Match

Please be aware of the deadline to submit items for June 2015 RRC Agenda is March 26, 2015. As you recall, late program withdrawal from the San Francisco Match has adversely impacted candidates over the past two years. If possible, Independent Program changes made before the San Francisco Match opens again for next season- August 2015- will reduce candidate frustration. Submitting RRC requests for program status changes for the June meeting will help facilitate this process.

Microsurgery 101

Chair: Raman C Mahabir, MD, MSC

In conjunction with the PSEN, ACAPS has undertaken a bold new initiative in with the Microsurgery 101 online resource. The first steps are already well underway and we hope to have version 1.0 live by April and in time to showcase at the ACAPS meeting in Scottsdale. The initial offerings will focus on the basics of microsurgery. The PSF funded Microsurgery Essentials created by Stanford will serve as the foundation of this educational tool. Added to this, there will be modules on free tissue transfer planning and execution. From there, we then plan to build on this foundation by adding PowerPoints with audio, instructional videos and case examples for flaps: essentially on online flap manual. For version 2.0, we already have commitments from the Buncke Clinic group to contribute the resources of and the Mayo Clinic for the Microvascular surgery skills course / Super microsurgery skills course. Finally, we are working with another group with the goal of having cadaver dissections as part of the electronic flap atlas. We are excited that this much needed resource is finally taking flight and look forward to delivering it to the ACAPS membership.

Teach the Teacher Series

Chair: Robert Weber, MD

The program directors and faculty members of ACAPS have consistently expressed a desire to learn how to improve their teaching skills. In response, ACAPS and PSEN have established a "Teaching the Teacher" section on the PSEN website. The topics to be covered will be How Adults Learn, Teaching Adults, Moving From Novice To Expert, Curriculum Development, Giving A Good Lecture, Teaching In The Clinic, Teaching In The OR, Assessments, and Milestones. Each module will eventually have a video, narrated Powerpoint, and selected helpful articles. The Powerpoints will be in 10 to 15 minute segments so that one or more could be used as part of an educational conference or faculty meeting. These modules are designed to fulfill both ACGME and LCME faculty development requirements. Please let us know how we can make this section most helpful for you.

Communications/Website Committee

Chair: Patrick Garvey, MD
  • The ACAPS Communications/Website Committee is working on a number of new features for the ACAPS website. One of these initiatives involves creating an Abstract Clearinghouse for announcing upcoming society meeting call for abstracts.

  • In 2014, the ACAPS Communications/Website Committee added a comprehensive list of links to Plastic Surgery affiliate organizations under the “Links” section of the ACAPS website:

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  • The next planned ACAPS website enhancement will be to include a clearinghouse of abstract deadlines for the upcoming annual meetings for each of these societies. The ultimate goal is to not only list the dates for each society's annual meeting, but to also develop a system whereby an email blast is sent to ACAPS members announcing the call for abstracts for each society’s annual meeting as this information becomes available.

  • This will be similar to the blast email service that was previously created by the Communications/Website Committee that are currently sent to ACAPS members to announce job opportunities:

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