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ACAPS News - March 2015

President's Message

Jeffrey Janis, MD, President of ACAPS
Jeffrey Janis, MD

Welcome to the Spring! It seems time goes faster and faster for all of us! With our Spring Retreat in Arizona just around the corner next month, I wanted to take some time to highlight the hard work of four of our Task Forces that were created this year, specifically the Resident Boot Camp Task Force, the Business of Plastic Surgery Task Force, the Resident Aesthetic Clinic Task Force, and the Women in Academic Surgery Task Force. All have been steaming along with their respective missions to address areas of need within ACAPS and our respective programs, and to create content and resources for all of us to take advantage of. Please see the updates below, and if you havenít booked your flight to Arizona yet to attend the Spring Retreat, please consider doing so! The ACAPS schedule is below, for your convenience. Please note it is a little different from our usual programming in terms of the days, as we worked closely with our colleagues from ABPS and AAPS to avoid overlap of commitments to the greatest extent possible:

Westin Kierland, Scottsdale, Arizona

Sunday, April 12, 2015
ACAPS Spring Retreat

8:00 am - 12:30 pm

ACAPS Annual Business Meeting
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Monday, April 13, 2015
ACAPS Panel: Competency vs. Time Based GME in Plastic Surgery

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Yours in service,
- Jeff Janis
President, ACAPS

Resident Boot Camp Task Force

Chair: Vu Nguyen, MD

Members of the ACAPS Resident Boot Camp Task Force include Reuben Bueno, Steve Kasten, Michael Neumeister, Vu Nguyen, Pierre Saadeh, and resident members Jenny Barker and Aleksandra Krajewski. In response to ongoing changes in graduate medical education, the objective of this committee is to develop an early educational program to facilitate the transition of both medical students and residents into Plastic Surgery training. We believe the development of a Boot Camp would provide standardized and timely exposure to critical clinical content in Plastic Surgery, helping to keep us both accountable for the global education of our trainees and on the forefront of adult surgical education. The goal is the establishment of a "hands-on", practicum-based, three-day weekend course; focusing on high-yield topics (e.g., hand and facial trauma, flap monitoring, professionalism), in a "low/no risk" educational environment. Initial plans are to inaugurate the course in the Fall of 2015 at a single institutional site, possibly Pittsburgh, PA, drawing from programs/residents within the surrounding area; with the ultimate goal of expansion, encompassing all first-year residents nationwide, via multiple, regional course locations. The task force is currently in the midst of allocation of funding and curriculum design.

The Business of Plastic Surgery Series

Chair: Carisa M. Cooney, MPH
Co-Chairs: Amir H. Dorafshar, MBChB; Scott D. Lifchez, MD

ACAPS is initiating a new online educational series: The Business of Plastic Surgery. This will be available on PSEN as well as the ACAPS website.

The objective: To provide a quick instructional series to facilitate the business side of the practice of plastic surgery. First steps are underway and we hope to have version 1.0 live by May with the first session available for viewing at the ACAPS meeting in Scottsdale. While the first series will be most applicable to residents and fellows transitioning to their first independent position and to surgeons within the first few years of starting their position or practice, we intend to widen the series' scope to address surgeon needs throughout one's careers. Topics to be addressed by v.1.0 include "Contract Negotiation," "Practice Finances," "From Service to Payment: How What You Do Affects What You Get Paid," and "Youíve Been Named in a Lawsuit Ė What Now?" Topics will be broken down into several 15 minute videos for ease of viewing and potential integration into curricular or faculty CME activities. Please let us know what additional topics would be of interest to you or your residents.

Resident Aesthetic Clinics

Scott Hultman, MD; Peter Taub, MD; Lisa David, MD

The white paper on Resident Aesthetic Clinics has been accepted for publication by PRS-GO and will appear with the 2014 Proceedings of the ACAPS Winter Retreat, in April.

In that paper, we assessed the current types of resident clinics, by collecting data on logistics, patient safety, and medico-legal issues. The authors developed a list of guidelines that can serve as best practices for running a resident aesthetic clinic, which ACAPS has vetted via study by the task force.

The cosmetic clinic task force is working to bring all the resources together that will optimize the resident clinic experience. We are working on evaluation sheets for all of the cosmetic procedures they would likely see. We are bringing together information on education, informed consent, techniques, and outcome assessments.

Women in Academic Surgery

Co-Chairs: Linda Phillips, MD and Mary McGrath, MD

ACAPS has formed a new task force: "Women in Academic Surgery". Co-chaired by Drs. Linda Phillips and Mary McGrath, the task force is charged to provide a blueprint to foster and promote women academic plastic surgeons in their careers, to heighten their role in ACAPS and national plastic surgery, and to encourage women residents to become academic plastic surgeons. The task force is expected to find synergy with the efforts of the Mentoring Committee, Chaired by Arun Gosain with Linda Phillips as Co-Chair. The Task Force members have all enthusiastically agreed to contribute to the groupís work and will quickly begin with a conference call to receive their charge and begin the work of the task force. These ACAPS members who form the task force are: Susan MacKinnon, Lynn Damitz, Juliana Hansen, Liza Wu, Debra Reilly, Julie Park, and Amanda Gosman. A blueprint for action will be developed, with more discussion at the Spring meeting.

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