American Council of Academic Plastic Surgeons
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Program Director Resources

Curriculum Guide

Curriculum (5/08 Word Document)
Curriculum, Goals, and Objectives (1/06, Dr. LawrencePowerPoint Document)
InService Exams
PSEN Curriculum

Policy and Procedures

Sample Program Policy Manual (NEED THIS CONTENT)
Resident Cosmetic Clinic Guidelines (NEED THIS CONTENT)

Suggested Evaluation Tools

Sample evaluations (These are currently in Member Library under Trainee tools)
Evaluation of Plastic Surgery Trainees (5/07, Dr. Losee Adobe Acrobat Document)
Attending Evaluation Tool (5/07, Dr. Losee Word Document)
Rotation Evaluation Tool (5/07, Dr. Losee Word Document)
Peer Review Trainee Competency Tool (5/07, Dr. Losee Word Document)
Resident Evaluation (1/06, Dr. Stevenson Word Document)
Milestone Manager Programs

Program Requirements

Synopsis ACGME Requirements for Plastic Surgery Training Programs:
A Synopsis Chang letter, ABPS requirements (attachments from Rebecca Bonsaint 1/19/15 - Max is copied)

ACGME Website
Preparing for Site Visit (5/05PowerPoint Document)

Match policies and Letter of Recommendation template

Letter of Recommendation template
ASPS Workforce (4/08PowerPoint Document)
Independent Residency Matching Rules Agreement (Word Document)
ACAPS Uniform Policy on Post Interview Communication (PowerPoint Document)
Policy Regarding Residents in General Surgery (4/08 Adobe Acrobat Document)

Remediation Resources

Objective tests other than the official in service that could be used to rate problem residents (NEED CONTENT)

Resources for Faculty Development/Mentorship program



ACAPS New Training Program Requirements
Recorded 10/30/08, by Dr. Peggy Simpson, ACGME

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