ACAPS Coordinator Meeting
October 15 & 16, 2020
Meetings will start at 10:30AM (Eastern) 9:30AM (Central) 7:30AM (Pacific) on both days.
To be held virtually.
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ACAPS Panel, as part of Plastic Surgery the Meeting: Teaching Competency
October 17, 2020 – 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm, ET
Moderator: Bill Kuzon, MD
Panelists: David Tang, MD; Brian C. George, MD; Katy Gast, MD, MS; Peter J. Taub, MD, FACS, FAAP
To be held virtually as part of the Virtual Plastic Surgery the Meeting.

Description: This panel will explore issues related to competency-based residency education in Plastic Surgery. The purpose, in addition to encouraging a robust discussion, will be to provide practical, 'real world' examples of competency based education that can be enacted by program directors as we move towards a competency-based model for Plastic Surgery residency training in the United States. The panelists each have a specific charge:

Dr. David Tang is the residency program director at Dalhousie in Halifax, NS. He will give an overview and the early experience with the RCPSC competency program specific to Plastic Surgery. He will review the RCPSC competencies for Plastic Surgery with a focus on their objective and practical nature. Canada is ahead of the United States in the implementation of competency-based education and Dr. Tang will provide concrete examples of the application of specific competencies, discussing what works well and what may be more problematic.

Dr. Katherine Gast is a Plastic Surgeon on Faculty at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Gast has written and will speak on gender considerations in teaching competency, specifically pointing out the vast differences between males and females in the way they respond to criticism, how they advocate for themselves, their perceived level of aggression, etc. She will emphasize that this needs be considered when teaching residents and, especially, when assessing 'competency'.

Dr. Brian George is a General Surgeon at Michigan who developed SIMPL, a validated tool to assess resident technical competence. Dr. George’s deep expertise in this area and his experience with developing and validating a specific competency assessment tool will allow participants to evaluate and utilize objective tools to accurately assess technical competency in our surgical trainees.

Dr. Peter Taub – Perhaps THE most important competency for residents in training is professionalism. Dr. Taub will engage his many years as the residency program director at Mt. Sinai and as a member of the national community of resident educators to speak, and to lead a discussion, on 'teaching professional competency'.

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ACAPS Winter Meeting
February 27 & 28, 2021
To be held virtually
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