The Plastic Surgery Common Application Task Force has been extended for one more year. As the result of last year's efforts, the ACAPS Board offers the following guidelines:

  1. We encourage all integrated plastic surgery programs to use the PSCA
  2. Programs are not required to participate in PSCA. The list of programs that are not participating will be provided through the ACAPS website.
  3. Applicants should complete an ERAS application for those programs that are not participating in the PSCA.
  4. Applicants may signal up to 5 programs at which they will not have done away rotations to let these programs know that they are among their top choices for programs where they have not rotated. Signaling can only be done for those programs that are utilizing the PSCA.
  5. Additional information on signaling can be found as FAQs in the ACAPS website
Our mission this year is as follows: First, we will review the corporate structure and financial plan of the PSCA limited liability corporation. Second, we will review the structure PSCA has established for document verification. Third, we will provide educational material for applicants and programs explaining the token system. Fourth, we will work with the PSCA 2.0 program and test it. Fifth, the PSCA and ACAPS will be posting FAQs on the ACAPS website on how to use the program. Lastly, we will develop policies regarding who actually owns the data collected by the PSCA and how it can/should be appropriately mined for research purposes.

Update 7.7.22

The Plastic Surgery Common Application (PSCA) is now live and accepting applications. The PSCA can be accessed at The final list of programs accepting the PSCA this year will be updated once finalized by ACAPS, but applicants can begin filling out the application now. The PSCA will close to applicants on Friday September 16th at 11:59 PM PST and be released to programs the following Monday September 19th. Please send all questions or concerns to