ACAPS is dedicated to the promotion and support of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Plastic Surgery. On Tuesday, August 25th ACAPS hosted a webinar with special guest panelists including Drs. Amanda Gosman, Wendy Chen, Haripriya Ayyala, Julie Park, Michael Galvez, and Paris Giese. To view the webinar click the button below.

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In preparation for this webinar we asked that each program identify one or more faculty member(s) and residents that could be contacted by applicants with interests, questions, or concerns regarding DEI in specific residency programs. The following institutions have made themselves available for contact. Check back frequently as we continue to get more programs involved and update this page with more information.

Albany Medical Center
Brittany Nguyen,
Ash Patel,
BaylorScott & White Health
Ishan Mehta,
Robert Weber, MD,
Cleveland Clinic | Lerner College of Medicine
DeAsia Jacob,
Steven Bernard,
Cooper University
Martha Matthews,
Duke University Medical Center
Jeffrey Marcus, MD,
Colleen McDowell,
Ricardo Ortiz,
Kyle Eberlin,
Indiana University
Cori Rogers,
Johns Hopkins | University of Maryland
Scott Lifchez, MD,
Oluseyi Aliu,
Kristen Broderick,
Robin Yang,
Mayo Rochester
Omar Mohamed,
Jorys Martinez-Jorge,
Mount Sinai Medical Center
Peter J. Taub, MD,
Nassau University Medical Center / Stony Brook University
Roger Simpson, MD,
Alex Dagum, MD,
Oregon Health & Science University
Jens Berli, MD,
Lori Howell, MD,
Penn State
Sameer Massand,
Timothy Shane Johnson,
Haripriya Ayyala,
Edward Lee,
Spectrum Health | Michigan State University
Ronald D. Ford,
Olivia Means,
Stanford University
Yvonne Karanas,
Temple University
David Kim,
Christine M. Jones,
Opeyemi Asanbe,
UC Irvine
Gabrielle LaBove,
Cathy Tang,
Omotayo Arowojolu,
Osita Obi-Osuagwu,
Esther Kim,
University of Cincinnati
Suma Yalamanchili,
Ann Schwentker,
University of Florida
Trajan Cuellar,
University of Kansas
Richard Korentager, MD,
University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital
Georges Samaha,
Zubin Panthaki, MD,
University of Minnesota
Ashish Mahajan,
Marie Claire Buckley,
University of Missouri Health Care
Stephen Colbert, MD,
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Karishma Reddy,
Jennifer Carr,
University of New Mexico
Shawhin Shahriari,
Anil Shetty,
University of California San Diego
Meera Reghunathan,
Amanda Gosman,
University of Southern California
Emma Vartanian,
Jessica Lee,
University of Virginia
Perry Bradford,
Brittany Behar,
University of Washington
Shanique Martin,
Srinivas Susarla,
University of Wisconsin
Kishan Thadikonda,
Neil Salyapongse, MD,
UT Houston
Berry Fairchild,
Phuong D. Nguyen,
Jacquelynn Tran,
Julie Park,
Linda Phillips,
UT Southwestern
Andrew Zhang,
Jennifer Kargel,
Washington University
Danielle Cooper,
Kelly Currie,
Stephanie Martino,
West Virginia University
Kerri M. Woodberry, MD,
Yale Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency
Adnan Prsic,
Henry Hsia,
Yale Lynn Zhao,