Uniform Policy and Guidelines for Post Interview Communication
(recently adopted edits Bolded)

The use of second look interviews in preparation for the plastic surgery residency match is prohibited.

There will be NO communication between faculty and applicants after the interview except for faculty communicating with their own advisees.

There can be no unsolicited contact from anyone in the program to the applicant except the coordinator needing missing information for the application.

Contact with the Program Coordinator and/or residents in a program can only be initiated by the applicant. Contact with the faculty members of the program is prohibited. The content of the communication can under no circumstances address the applicant's desirability by the program, their ranking, etc.

Should an applicant visit a program after the interview there should be NO contact between the student and anyone associated with the program such as faculty, residents, and support staff.

The Program Director is responsible for disseminating this Policy within the Program. Regarding non-compliance:

Violations will be validated by the ACAPS Executive Committee, followed by forwarding of all validated violations to the RRC for investigation and possible citations.

All validated violations will be announced at the next ACAPS meeting.

Policy Updated August 2022