1. What can I expect from the virtual interviews?
    ACAPS believes that while virtual interviews provide some advantages to both applicants and programs, there are also risks. Whereas applicants used to come in person for interviews on a single day, it is now possible for interviews to occur over many days, increasing logistical challenges for students. ACAPS is currently working on developing best practices related to the upcoming interview season, that includes recommendations for programs on timing of interviews, as well as issues related to the 'no-contact' policy and virtual conferences/social media. When the ‘best practices’ become available, we will distribute them through the listserv and place them on the website. We anticipate this will be in the next month or two.
  2. I'm Zoomed out. Do I really have to go to every single Zoom program?
    ACAPS has heard you—there is tremendous pressure to participate in virtual programming for any program in which an applicant may be interested, and this can compromise students’ ability to perform their clinical duties. ACAPS is currently working on guidance for programs offering virtual programming with respect to attendance and participation of students. ACAPS-sponsored Webinar programming is recorded so applicants can watch live or at their leisure, and the Meet and Greets are not recorded (nor is attendance taken or released) so that applicants can participate in a free and open manner. ACAPS-sponsored programming is intended only for educational purposes and will not affect applicants’ chances of matching at a given program. When the guidelines become available, we will distribute them through the listserv and place them on the website. These may not be available this application cycle.
  3. I heard some programs have an application outside of ERAS. Is this true?
    Yes, some programs have decided to trial an application outside of ERAS, called the Plastic Surgery Common Application. For most of the participating programs, this is intended to be a supplemental application in addition to ERAS. As of now, ACAPS is not officially involved in this initiative. We recommend that applicants contact individual programs or review the program website for their application requirements. It is our understanding that further information on this initiative can be found at: https://redcap.link/PlasticSurgeryCommonApplication_2020
  4. I heard about Signal Tokens to show interest in Plastic Surgery programs. Should I sign up?
    Signal Tokens is an independently-run business that is designed to help students express "interest" in a limited number of programs. Due to multiple concerns related to the process, ACAPS is not recommending participation in Signal Tokens this year.
  5. What additional information can I expect from ACAPS this fall?
    ACAPS is planning on sponsoring at least two additional webinars this fall with dates being finalized. The first will be a fire-side type chat prior to the final application submission date to allow for any questions that you may have. The second webinar will be led by ACAPS leadership in November to review the expectations and policies related to the interview season.