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ACAPS 1st Annual ACAPS - AAPS Winter Workshop
Saturday, December 7, 2013
Hilton Chicago O'Hare Airport

Managing The Milestones: Indepth Understanding and Strategies For Implementation
8:00-9:00 AM
Continental Breakfast
9:00-9:15 AM
Introduction to the NAS
Peggy Simpson
9:15-9:30 AM
Introduction to the Milestones Project
Laura Edgar
9:30-10:00 AM
Plastic Surgery Milestones in Detail
Mary McGrath
10:00-10:30 AM
Assessment Tools
Jeff Janis
10:30-11:00 AM
What Can Happen to My Program in NAS-RRC Annual Review of Programs
Peggy Simpson
11:00-11:45 AM
11:45 AM-1:00 PM
Best Practices:
Practice Strategies for Implementation:

Featuring panelists from other specialities
Moderator: Joseph Losee
1:00-2:15 PM
Clinical Competency Committees:
Featuring panelists from other specialities
Moderator: Mary McGrath
2:15-3:45 PM
Practically Filling Out Milestones - Gaps in our current assessment tools
Scott Hultman
3:45-4:00 PM
Topics & Issues Further Investigation/Discussion
Joseph Losee