Meet & Greet Guidelines

  1. Meet and Greets should take place from August 1 through October 31.
  2. There will be two Meet and Greets scheduled each weekday evening (Sunday-Friday), to take place at either 8:00PM 9:00PM (Eastern) or 9:30PM 10:30PM (Eastern). The recommended length of time is up to 60 minutes.
    *It is strongly encouraged that East Coast institutions choose the 8PM (Eastern) start time and West Coast institutions choose the 9:30PM (Eastern) start time.
  3. All programs are encouraged, but not required, to put on a Meet and Greet. If they do so, they should register the event through ACAPS.
  4. Programs will enter the time of their Meet and Greet on a central ACAPS calendar using the button below. This will make the overall Meet and Greet schedule readily available to applicants and allow programs to avoid overlap. Each program is only allotted one timeslot.
  5. Please note the sign-up sheet is not automatic, please allow for 24hours from submission to get the posting online. (Submissions received on Fridays or the weekend will be posted on Mondays)

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Please note: These sessions will not be recorded, and we respectfully request that participants do not record or take screen shots during the Meet and Greets.