ACAPS Winter Retreat Resident and Medical Student Travel Scholarship
February 25-27, 2022
Austin, Texas

Deadline: Monday, November 1, 2021 at 11:59 pm EDT

Please complete the application below while staying within the allotted space for responses. Applicants must be early in their plastic surgery training (Integrated PGY 1-4, Independent PGY 1-2) or be medical students. Please note Integrated 5-6 and Independent-3 residents are not eligible for this travel scholarship.

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Please describe your thoughts as to how we might implement one of the following areas for future improvement in plastic surgery training: 1) Improving the application process for plastic surgery residency; 2) Improving education in plastic surgery; 3) Improving access to global health as a component of plastic surgery education: (Word limit 500)
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Describe how you will integrate medical education into your future career and detail up to 3 current or prior activities that demonstrate this commitment: (Word limit 500)
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Upload one letter of recommendation from any practicing plastic surgeon or someone who can comment on your commitment to plastic surgery education.
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