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Job Title: Clinical Research Fellowship (2 positions available)
Date Available: July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021
Location: Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Description: The Clinical research fellows have broad responsibilities that include organizing and gaining approval for the majority of research that is produced within the division. This includes developing project ideas, grant proposals, and IRB protocols. It also includes the prospective and retrospective management and statistical analysis of several large databases, including one of the largest and most detailed autologous breast reconstruction databases in the field.

Although no formal bio-statistical or clinical research training is needed to obtain the fellowship, the clinical research fellows gain a tremendous amount of on the job training from residents and previous fellows who are accomplished academic researchers in plastic surgery. The fast paced environment and abundance of practical training leaves clinical research fellows with a robust knowledge of the current of academic literature in multiple areas within plastic surgery, as well as an ability to effectively explore this literature, develop new ideas, and gather, manage and analyze institutional and national datasets to answer novel hypotheses.

At the end of this year, a clinical research fellow is to be involved in 20+ clinical research ideas and projects. At any one given time, a clinical research fellow may be responsible for directly overseeing 5-10 projects, some of which he or she will complete during their tenure and others of which he or she will pass on to the next fellow(s). In this manner, the fellows learn to create reproducible and scientifically valid date in collaborative environment, thereby setting the foundation for many of the skills they will need throughout their academic careers.

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