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Job Type: Fellowship
Job Title: Microsurgery Fellow
Date Available: July 1, 2021
Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Description: The Department of Plastic Surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin offers a one-year fellowship in Reconstructive Microsurgery. The program offers advanced training in microvascular technique and complex reconstruction from head to toe. The fellowship encompasses the entire breadth of reconstructive procedures both oncologic and traumatic. Fellows have in-depth involvement with preoperative planning, a high-volume operative experience, and post-operative continuity of care.

Fellows receive a broad range of clinical experience in the reconstruction of acquired mastectomy defects following breast cancer surgery (DIEP, SIEA, PAP), lymphedema surgery, reconstruction of head and neck deformities traumatic and ablative, reconstruction of sarcoma defects, facial paralysis, and reconstruction of lower extremity deformities and wounds. Most fellows complete the year with over 150 flap reconstructions. The goal is for the fellow to function independently in the OR as they embark on their final year of formal training. Please contact Dr. Mary Gleason at for details.
Contact: Mary Gleason PhD at

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