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Job Type: Fellowship
Job Title: Pediatric Plastic Surgery Research Scholar
Date Available: 7/1/2022
Location: Chicago, Ilinois
Description: The Gosain lab at Lurie Children's is seeking a surgical resident for the 2022-2023 academic year. Our NIH-funded projects are focused on a porcine model of tissue expansion with the aim of analyzing the biomechanics of tissue expansion and its effect on genetics and biochemistry of the affected tissues. We are applying this methodology to optimize the outcome of tissue exapansion in the face of radiation therapy, which has direct implication for improving outcomes of implant-based breast reconstruction. Main responsibilities will include performing surgical procedures, to consist of tattooing, expander implantation, expander filling, and animal sacrifice. Prior surgical experience is preferred, but no specific prior experience with tissue expansion is required. Additional opportunities available to become involved with other clinical projects in the Gosain lab as well as within the broader Northwestern University Division of Plastic Surgery. This opportunity is ideal for general surgery residents who wish to pursue a career in plastic surgery, and two years of research are encouraged. Full salary and benefits provided according to PGY level and ACGME standards.

Contact: Arun Gosain
Chief, Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Lurie Children's Hospital

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