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President's Message
Jeffrey Janis, MD, President of ACAPS
Jeffrey Janis, MD
It is with great pleasure that we bring you a new monthly ACAPS President's Page. With all of the fantastic initiatives that we have going on in our organization (at least 37 to date!), I thought it would be both educational and beneficial for the entire membership to see all the hard work that goes on by a great number of people behind the scenes. To that end, I have a made a commitment to communicate directly with the membership on a monthly basis and to highlight information that is relevant, timely, and pertinent. Each month, 2 of our committees or task forces will be represented in the newsletter to update you on progress made and future steps. Of course our entire portfolio of progress will be reviewed in our business meetings that take place currently in the Fall associated with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting and in the Spring in conjunction with the American Association of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting. We may also have a "mini-business meeting" in the Winter associated with our Winter Retreat in Chicago. Again, thank you to our hard-working administrative staff, tireless efforts of all of our committees, and dedication and involvement of the entire membership that makes ACAPS the tremendous organization that it is.

Yours in service,
- Jeff

Synopsis for Communications/Website Committee
Patrick B. Garvey, MD, Chair;
Salvatore Lettieri, MD, Co-Chair
  • The ACAPS Communications/Website Committee has redesigned the ACAPS website to create a more user-friendly interface. This new homepage interface should more clearly direct the three main types of visitors to our website: program directors, residents/students, and faculty.

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  • Following these links will take visitors to menus of ACAPS resources that should be the most appropriate for the particular type of visitor. For example, following the faculty link navigates the user to the newly designed faculty page.

    Faculty Resources preview
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  • In addition to enhancing the design of the website, we have also updated the Corequest and Inservice examination sections, sections which remain the most heavily trafficked areas of the website.
Mentorship Committee Update
Arun Gosain, MD, Chair
Linda Phillips, MD, Co-Chair

The Mentorship Committee has scheduled the following Fall Seminars on Mentorship:

2014 - John Kitzmiller Faculty Recruitment and Retention
2015 - Bob Weber Didactic Programs
2016 - Aaron Wahrman Business Policy and Education (directed to graduating residents
and plastic surgeons early in their careers)

The committee is also working on the development of an Expanded Curriculum on Mentoring to include types of mentoring relationships, value of mentoring, self assessment of needs, special case mentoring for women and minorities, mentoring for new and established, for lab, clinical, and leadership roles.

The Goldwyn Award has been extremely successful this year, and there have been more requests than the current Visiting Professor can accommodate. We request all of you to continue to support this award, and preference for visits by the Goldwyn Visiting Professor will be given to institutions who did not have a visit in the present year. Our committee will be soliciting names for the Goldwyn Award recipient for 2015-2016; watch for the call for nominations and submit your nominee.

The ACAPS ListServ was launched on July 2 with an introductory message describing its purpose. In brief, the ListServ is directed to all Program Directors and Program Chairs of ACGME-approved training programs in plastic surgery, and all ACAPS Committee Chairs. Our goal is to initiate exchange of communication with key educators in plastic surgery that will improve the structure of their respective training programs.

Finally, we are working to develop One-on-One Mentorship Relationships pairing academic faculty who are within the first 3 years of completion of training with a senior ACAPS member (10 years or more following completion of training) who can serve as a mentor outside of their home institution. To facilitate this, we have distributed two questionnaires to all members of the ACAPS. The first is directed to potential MENTORS and the second is directed to potential MENTEES. Once we receive these responses, we will pair potential mentees with a mentor who may have similar clinical and/or research interests.

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