New ACAPS website initiatives
President's Message
2015 Winter Retreat
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New ACAPS website initiatives
ACAPS is proud to launch the following new sections:
Fellowship listing The fellowship listings currently has over 275 fellowship listings from all over the world. The listings are grouped by specialty with location, director, and links for more information.
Global Health The Global Health section is designed to assist in the coordination of efforts of both interested residents and programs in finding resources to pursue their international humanitarian and educational goals.
Abstracts Clearinghouse The abstracts clearinghouse is a growing section of popular meetings attended by ACAPS members and affiliates. Watch this new section for new meeting listings and abstract deadlines.
Residents and Students navigation Reworked the Residents and Students navigation which is now more closely geared towards the target audience, including adding Pathways to Plastic Surgery, Educational Resources, Plastic Surgery Research Grant Opportunities, Recommended Courses, and Board Certification. Stay tuned for the updated Program Resources section!
ACAPS Mobile Site The ACAPS mobile site was designed for devices in mind and focuses on the particular sections accessed by tablets and mobile devices. Focus on important sections such as the Inservice Exams are featured. Look for more interactive updates coming soon!

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President's Message

Jeffrey Janis, MD, President of ACAPS
Jeffrey Janis, MD

It is hard to believe that a full year has gone by already, and my term as President of ACAPS is now drawing to a close. For my final report to you, the members, I would like to give you a summary document of all that has been accomplished by our fantastic Committees, new Task Forces, and Board of Directors. I remember as I sat in the audience at the meeting at Eden Roc, Florida, I jotted down 42 things that I was hopeful to accomplish this year in ACAPS. These are things that I thought would help every member and every program. The overarching goal was to provide value to the membership and common resources to all programs as we attempt to deliver high-quality education to the future generation of plastic surgeons. Not only have we accomplished those 42 items, but several more along the way. It has truly been an amazing team effort, and it has been energizing to work with so many driven and passionate colleagues. This is just the beginning, of course, as these items will live on into the future with additional modifications, innovations, and tweaks. Ultimately, the most important question is whether they provide true value to you, and I hope that the answer is a resounding "yes".

It has been a true honor and privilege to serve you and to serve the ACAPS organization. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve as your elected President for 2014-15, and I look forward to seeing you in Arizona!

Yours in service,
- Jeff Janis
President, ACAPS

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2015 Winter Retreat
  • All day Saturday/half day Sunday
  • Chicago O'Hare Hilton
  • Survey of dates is being conducted

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Task Force Progress and Updates

Medical Student Plastic Surgery Rotation Task Force - New initiative (Co-chairs Jennie Cheesborough and Kathy Hoh; Lisa David, Patrick Garvey, Raman Mahabir, Arun Gosain, Scott Hultman, Jenny Barker, Juan Rendon, Jeff Janis)

  • New Presidential-commissioned task force (2014-15)
  • ACAPS web-based clearinghouse of rotation scheduled for each institution


  • Program Coordinators have been solicited for program dates, point persons and institutional websites.
  • Links from ACAPS website to ERAS, VSAS, and "Essentials" guide from YPS section of ASPS
  • Links from ACAPS website to institutions webpages on away rotations
  • ACAPS web-based clearinghouse of rotation scheduled for each institution
  • Reference to ACAPS post-interview communications policy
  • Version 1.0 to be ready by the end of March for upcoming season of Away Rotations


  • ACAPS Guide to Away Rotations
  • Add a place on ACAPS website where applicants can network (share rooms, swap interview days, etc.)

Women in Academic Surgery: (ad hoc committee) New initiative (Chair Linda Phillips, Co-Chair Mary McGrath, Susan Mackinnon, Juliana Hansen, Debra Reilly, Lynn Damitz, Liza Wu, Amanda Gosman, Julie Park)

  • New Presidential-commissioned task force (2014-15)
  • Develop ways to encourage and support women students, residents and faculty in academic plastic surgery and their advancement
  • Acknowledge women are different from men and often assume different burdens at home that impact their professional lives
  • Gender differences enhance specialty in all realms; clinical, educational and research
  • Differences should be embraced and negative effects should be mitigated
  • Meeting to be scheduled at ACAPS/AAPS

Intern Boot Camp Task Force: (Chair Vu Nguyen, Jenny Barker, Reuben Bueno, Steve Kasten, Aleksandra Krajewski, Michael Neumeister, Pierre Saadeh)

  • New Presidential-commissioned task force (2014-15)
  • Developed Version 1.0 of an onsite Boot Camp for new residents to take place in Pittsburgh
  • Will include electronic-based durable materials (virtual component)
  • Developed business plan and curriculum for initial regional meeting
  • Seek industry funding with a goal of $30,000
  • Target: Fall 2015
  • Future meetings will be regionalized for broader reach and will require additional support/funding

Microsurgery 101: (Raman Mahabir, Reuben Bueno, Rudy Buntic, Gordon Lee, Mike Neumeister)

  • New Presidential-commissioned task force (2014-15)
  • Designed to develop common resource for all programs to help with microsurgical training
  • Will partner with other institutions and organizations (ASRM, ASPS (PSEN), SIU, Stanford, Buncke Clinic, etc.)
  • Version 1.0 will focus on basics of microsurgery
    • PSF funded Microsurgery Essentials (Stanford)
    • Will include didactics, videos, articles online flap manual
  • Version 2.0
    • (from the Buncke Clinic)
    • Microvascular Surgery Skills / Super Microsurgery Skills courses (rom Mayo Clinic)
    • Cadaver Dissections for flap atlas
  • Will put on ACAPS website and PSEN
  • Target deployment: Spring 2015

Resident Cosmetic Clinic Task Force: (Peter Taub, Lisa David, Scott Hultman, Jennie Cheesborough)

  • New Presidential-commissioned task force (2014-15)
  • Designed to develop common resource for all programs to help with resident cosmetic clinic training
  • Develop Curriculum outline which will include didactics, videos, articles
  • Developed "pertinent things to know" on 8-10 procedures with graphics
    • Solidify the first one abdominoplasty consult sheet and consent form
  • Will work with Website Committee to put on ACAPS website
  • Target deployment: Fall 2015

Mini Curriculum on the Business of Plastic Surgery Task Force: (Carisa Cooney, Scott Lifchez, Amir Dorafshar, Bahar Zarrabi)

  • New Presidential-commissioned task force (2014-15)
  • Designed to develop common resource for all programs to help with outlining business principles for plastic surgeons (both residents and faculty)
  • Will include didactics, videos, articles
    • Videoing the first presentation on March 31; "You are Your Brand"
  • Partnering with Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business and UNC
  • Developing titles/topics/speakers for 4 courses
    • Contract Negotiation
    • Practice Finances
    • You've Been Names in a Lawsuit What Now?
    • From Service to Payment: How What You do Affects What You Get Paid
  • Will put on ACAPS website and PSEN
  • Target deployment: 1 hour of content as "Preview" April 2015
    • 4 hours of content for Version 1.0 May 2015

Early Career Academic Plastic Surgeons: (Co-Chairs - Raman Mahabir and Julie Park; Joyce Aycock, Mirko Gilardino, Amanda Gosman, John Ingraham, Karen Powers, Michelle Roughton)

  • Launching a new segment of ACAPS that is geared to encourage membership and participation for members with 8 years of academic practice or less and in good standing to serve with an emphasis on academic plastic surgeons in leadership roles
  • Mission: to promote academic plastic surgery to residents and fellows and to provide leadership and support for plastic surgeons early in their academic careers
  • Drafted bylaws for review and approval by the Board

Ad Hoc Resident Membership on Select Committees:

  • Select committees have been populated with resident members to help gain important participation, exposure, and feedback.
  • Chosen/appointed by the Chair of these committees
    • Global Health Trung Ho (Scott & White)
    • Fellowship Nicole Jarrett (UPMC)
    • Website Alex Mericli (University of Virginia)
    • PSEN Sebastain Brooke (HMC.PSU)

PRS Collaboration:

  • Resident Board representative, Jennie Cheesborough, to blog quarterly for PRS Resident Chronicles
    • First one done in February; second one due mid-April
  • Published 1st annual ACAPS Winter Retreat Abstract Supplement on PRS Global Open consisting of 22 abstracts (APC paid by ACAPS, no charge for preface) and a separate article on Resident Cosmetic Clinics (APC paid by Hultman)
  • Reciprocal linking on both websites
  • PS Educator's Article Series as a joint venture; branded with ACAPS logo

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Academic Administration
Issues Committee:
  • White Paper on Departmental Status completed
  • Creation of an inter-program standardized oral exam
    Goal to build an oral exam that any program can use that will provide standardized, reproducible results with defensible validity

Global Health Committee:

  • New bylaws-approved committee created and deployed this year (2014-15)
  • Conducted a survey of plastic surgeon overseas rotation
  • Global Health Resources page on the ACAPS website
    • ACGME approved rotation tools
    • Global Health Resources
  • Developing a VIPS calendar on the website
  • Add calendar of global dates to website
  • Will examine role of "reverse fellowships" in plastic surgery
  • International access to ACAPS and PSEN websites

Resident Selection Committee:

  • Letter of Recommendation form revised, approved and deployed
  • Conducted residency match survey
  • Developed Match Withdrawal Policy from integrated match (approved at Fall Business meeting)
  • December 1 deadline for withdrawals from The Match Transfers into Integrated Residency Programs clarification and review

Mentoring Committee:

  • Developed multi-year plan for future Mentoring Sessions at Fall meeting
  • Establishing one-on-one mentor relationships
    • Match survey has been distributed to Mentees
  • Goldwyn Award call for nomination distributed. New policies instituted for nomination process.
  • Created ACAPS Listserv (in conjunction with AAPS)

New Residency Programs:

  • Put consolidated, updated documents on the ACAPS website so can be found by search engines
  • List 2 points of personal contact for anyone wishing to start a new program (Hoffman, McGrath)
  • Currently expanding offerings by working with Joyce Aycock from U of Colorado, who is PD at a new program

Plastic Surgery Coordinator Committee:

  • Conducted very successful Plastic Surgery Coordinators Symposium at Fall Meeting
  • Named Kathy Hoh Coordinator representative on the ACAPS Board
  • Goal: to enlist all plastic surgery coordinators
    • Email sent in February 2015 to all non-members
    • 94 coordinators/63 members (67%)

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Education Committee:
  • Developed Core Surgery Guidelines for Integrated Programs
  • Created "5th module" (core surgery) for plastic surgery in-service training exam (to be deployed Spring 2016)
  • "Teach the Teacher Sessions" being implemented at ACAPS meetings
    • First one given at Fall meeting in Chicago
    • 3 year curriculum
    • All to be video captured and put on ACAPS website and PSEN
  • ACAPS Panel at ASPS
    • Secured 30 minute ACAPS panel at ASPS annual meeting for second year (1st year in Chicago was MOC vs. MOL)
    • Topic for Boston to be determined (30 minute panel)
    • Will hardwire into ASPS meeting for future years
  • Spring Retreat - Scottsdale
    • "Teaching in the OR: Can we do Better?" with an educational paper session including 6 abstracts
    • Putting on panel at AAPS meeting on "Time vs. Competency-Based Education"
    • 1st Annual Past President's Nightcap

Professionalism and Ethics:

  • Version 1.0 of this project complete with 10 scenarios on PSEN in the Resident Education Curriculum
  • Version 2.0 being developed
  • Expand ongoing charge; add strategic members
  • Professionalism surveys distributed in December to both members and residents
  • Updated for version 5.0 of PSEN including video content, additional core reading materials and Board questions

Fellowship Committee:

  • Finalizing newly updated Fellowship Clearinghouse in concert with the Website Committee
    Will include information on all ACGME and non-ACGME fellowships for "one stop shop" for applicants and for programs

New Curriculum Committee (PSEN):

  • Version 4.0 went live July 2014, with voiced-over PowerPoints, new articles, revised questions
  • Version 5.0 being developed for July 2016
    • Add a video link to each module
    • Review and update references
    • A dd a second "Board case" to each module

Virtual Reality Committee:

  • Latissimus dorsi breast reconstruction simulator complete and will be added to PSEN

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Finance and Communication
Website Committee:
  • Completely redesigned to be more user friendly
  • Creating clearinghouse of abstract deadlines for all major plastic surgery meetings and organizations with push notification to members
  • Create Fellowship Clearinghouse
  • Global Health Section International Rotations - global health resources
  • New Resident and Student Section
  • Program Resources
  • Mobile and tablet functionality being added
  • All new sections of the site to launch in the Spring 2015
  • Google analytics being used to track usage patterns and develop future initiatives

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