From The President
John Kitzmiller, MD, ACAPS President
John Kitzmiller, MD
As I began my term as ACAPS President last Spring, I reflected back to when I assumed the responsibility of a Plastic Surgery Residency Program Director 12 years ago. Then the challenges we faced included the new ACGME duty hour mandate and an increasingly complex regulatory environment. There was a real question about our ability to retain and recruit talented faculty because the economic viability of academic practice was in question. My experience and observation since then is that ACAPS leadership, with the good faith collaboration with the ABPS, RRC/ACGME, enabled academic Plastic Surgery to not only survive but lead in graduate surgical education over the past decade. Our patients and our health care systems are the ultimate beneficiaries our hard work.
Plastic Surgery Boot Camp: Surgical Education Innovation in Progress
The inaugural Plastic Surgery Boot Camp was held on July 31 to August 2, 2015, at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) in Pittsburgh, PA, to help facilitate the transition of both Integrated and Independent residents into Plastic Surgery training.
Global Health
The ACAPS Global Health Committee is please to introduce the Global Health Educational Column of the ACAPS newsletter. The goal of this column will be to highlight topics on a semi-annual basis that are relevant to best practices in global health. In addition we would like to share testimonials of residents who have had the opportunity to participate in international experiences so that we can continue to understand the value of integrating global health curriculum into our residency training programs.
Medical Student Outreach
Jennie Cheesborough, MD, Medical Student
Jennie Cheesborough, MD
The Medical Student Outreach Committee was formed this past year to address concerns raised regarding the process through which students apply for and are accepted into away rotations. There was no comprehensive clearinghouse listing all of the programs open to rotators and the application process has been confusing for students despite being somewhat streamlined by the Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) organized by the Association of American Medical Colleges.
Winter Retreat
February 6-7, 2016
Chicago, Illinois

Make plans now to attend the third annual Winter Retreat, February 6-7, 2016, at the Chicago O’Hare Hilton Hotel, "Learning and Teaching in the 21st Century". Among topics to be included are:

  • Plastic Surgery Resident Education in the 21st Century
  • Competency Based Education Updates with RRC and ABPS Reports
  • More topics to be specified
There will again be a special session allowing ACAPS members to present their educational related research. Watch for the Call for Abstracts and submit your papers for presentation.
Interview Dates And Invitations
This is a reminder that per our recommendations at the Spring ACAPS business meeting, we have all agreed to have our integrated interview offers out by November 15, 2015. The date for the independent match that was agreed upon was February 15, 2016. This is to facilitate the applicants scheduling their interviews and knowing all of their options up front. We are hopeful this will cut cost for them as they can get their travel arrangements made early. We are also hopeful this will allow us to have less drop outs close to the interview days and give us the opportunity to interview as many applicants as we initially decide upon.

As a reminder, please submit your program interview dates for Integrated programs by October 1, 2015 and for Independent programs by January 1, 2016.

Submit Interview Dates

Also, please remember to use the Letter of Recommendation form in your resident interview process.

Lisa David, M.D. and Amanda Gosman, M.D.
Chair and Co-Chair, ACAPS Resident Selection Committee

ACAPS Interim Business Meeting
Saturday, October 17, 2015

Plan to attend the ACAPS Interim Business Meeting on Saturday, October 17, 2015, at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Room 253abc from 11:45 AM – 1:15 PM. Minutes of the April 12 Annual Business Meeting are available for your reference.

ACAPS encourages all members to consider service on an ACAPS committee. Please take a look at the committee list and contact the Administrative office if you are interested in serving on a committee next year.

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