From The President
John Kitzmiller, MD, ACAPS President
John Kitzmiller, MD
Just prior to our Winter Retreat in Chicago, the ACAPS Board and Committee leadership met for a strategic planning session. The growth and accomplishments of our organization over the past five years has been amazing. The commitment of our many extremely talented members to the next generation of plastic surgeons is inspiring to me.
ACAPS Winter Retreat
The ACAPS Winter Retreat was held February 6th and 7th in Chicago. The first session on Saturday morning covered Teaching and Learning Employing the Tools of the 21st Century. Presenters and topics covered in this session included: Dr. Jean Nehme (Touchsurgery); Dr. Orrin Franko (Hand Surgery and the Web); Dr. Mike Neumeister (Surgical Lessons with New Technology); Drs. Ed Luce and Howard Wang (The PSEN: Appreciating its Potential); Dr. Warren Hammert (Hand-e); Dr. Robert Weber (Resident Performance Assessment); Dr. Hooman Soltanian (Surgical Simulation).
ACAPS Community Page on PSEN
The Mentorship and Communications Committees have identified the Community page option of PSEN as an attractive option to help keep our communication channels open. To-date ACAPS Board Members have been trialing the ACAPS Community page on PSEN before extending it to the remaining ACAPS community.
Resident Selection Committee Update
Lisa David, MD
Lisa David, MD
The focus of the committee this fall has been three-fold:
  1. The roll out of the set date for interview offers
  2. Survey of the program directors and plastic surgery residents
    regarding the interview process
  3. Address issues with the resident application process
Hartman Value Profile
As a result of Michael Harrington and Steve Byrum's presentation at the Winter Retreat, an invitation to trial the Hartman Value Profile for ACAPS members will be forthcoming in a separate communication.
Plastic Surgery Boot Camp
Vu Nguyen, MD
Vu Nguyen, MD
Building on the success of last July's inaugural Plastic Surgery Boot Camp, the PSBC task force has been actively coordinating this year's upcoming event. As we collate our 6-month outcomes and feedback from the inaugural program, we're making adjustments to the curriculum, including providing durable materials to the participants.
Medical Student Outreach
Jennie Cheesborough, MD, Resident Board Member
Jennie Cheesborough, MD
It is that time of year when we celebrate the 4th year students who have matched into our programs and begin to look ahead towards next year. The current third year medical students interested in pursuing away rotations have several resources to consider, but please share with them our ACAPS resource specific to Plastic Surgery away rotations found at
Global Health Column
Dr. Joyce Mcintyre and Dr. Wone Banda
Dr. Joyce Mcintyre and Dr. Wone Banda,
a visiting plastic surgery resident from Malawi
One of the goals of the ACAPS Global Health Committee is to improve access to educational resources for training programs in resource poor areas. We are excited to announce the PSEN Global Scholarship Program that will provide access to PSEN for residents and training programs in areas without many academic resources. The PSEN has agreed to grant one-year access to 25 people for the Resident Educational Center.
ACAPS Spring Retreat
Plan to attend the Spring Retreat being held in conjunction with the Joint AAPS/PSRC Meeting at the Sheraton
New York on Thursday, May 19. View program

The Annual Business Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 19, from 2:00 5:00 PM.

  • View minutes of the Interim Business Meeting held October 17, 2015, in Boston

  • View the Proposed Bylaw Amendments to be voted on.

  • The ACAPS Board has implemented a change in the Coordinators membership in that their dues will now automatically be paid as part of the Program Directors annual dues. Coordinators become Associate Members for "free" if their Program Director is an Active Member. Program Director's dues will be increased by the current Coordinator's $50 dues. The Program Coordinator will need to be registered as an Associate Member.
ACAPS encourages all members to consider service on an ACAPS committee. Please take a look at the committee list and contact the Administrative office if you are interested in serving on a committee next year.

View 2015-2016 Committees.

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