I’d like to provide you with a summary of our activities at the ACAPS/AAPS Spring Meeting:

1) Julie Park has been elected our first Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This is the new VP position you approved in the Fall and is in the succession line to the presidency.

2) The American Board of Plastic Surgery has invited us to submit nominations for their Advisory Council. If you have been board certified for at least 10 years and have served as an oral board examiner at least three times, then you are eligible to be nominated. Please contact me if you would like ACAPS to submit your name as a nominee.

3) Devra Becker, Jeff Kozlow, and Shane Morrison were very successful in accomplishing our goal of being the definitive, authoritative source of information for medical students interested in pursuing a career in plastic surgery. We will work with them to continue to be a trusted, helpful site for students. Updated guidance for the upcoming residency application and interview year will be posted soon on the website. In brief:

A) ACAPS encourages all interested students to read the full AAMC statement on away rotations and interviews. We agree with the guidance that students’ home medical schools are in the best position to know what is in their students’ best interest regarding safety and achievement of career goals;
B) We will continue to establish and follow a uniform date for initial interview invitations;
C) We are not establishing a policy on whether interviews should be virtual or in-person;
D) We are continuing the "no second-look" policy.

4) The ACAPS Board reviewed the pilot study on the Plastic Surgery Common Application (PSCA) and has decided to recommend that all programs utilize the PSCA for the 2021-2022 application cycle. This proposal was discussed and adopted at the business meeting. Further information on how to participate will be available and made clear on the ACAPS website for both programs and student. Participation by programs is voluntary this year, but the plan is to eliminate the ERAS application for the 2022-2023 academic year. ACAPS has decided to fund the PSCA, so enrollment is free to both students and programs. Further details regarding the reasoning behind the PSCA, its advantages, and how it functions will be sent to programs, students, medical schools, and the AAMC as well as posted on the website in the near future.

5) Plastic surgery programs across the country have responded magnanimously to help the plastic surgery residents from Case Western and UT Memphis whose programs were recently closed by the RRC. There are still four people, a PGY-3, -2, -1, and matched M4 that still need placement. The APBS and ACGME are accommodating the transfers. If you have funding to accept them, please contact ACAPS so that we can help you contact them. Plastic surgery has never failed to find places for all its residents to train when programs have been forced to close.

6) Bill Kuzon is now our ACAPS President. Congratulations, Bill! We look forward to your leadership and initiatives.

Robert A. Weber, MD
President of ACAPS 2020-2021