Arun Gosain, ACAPS President, 2022-2023
Arun Gosain
ACAPS President, 2022-2023

The ACAPS leadership wishes to welcome all ACAPS members as we start the new academic year. ACAPS is the leading organization responsible for training and educating plastic surgeons to best serve their patients. Even though our acronym stands for "The American Council of Academic Plastic Surgeons," I would suggest that the organization has grown well beyond academic plastic surgeons. Our membership now includes medical students, residents, and international members. Clearly "Academic Plastic Surgeons" are no longer the sole focus of ACAPS. The theme that best captures the ACAPS mission is education and mentorship, as the organization supports both plastic surgeons engaged in educating and mentoring medical students and residents, and the medical students and residents who are recipients of this education and mentorship. As stated in the ACAPS mission statement, we seek to:

To achieve this mission, ACAPS has had tremendous growth in scope, and it currently consists of 18 committees as well as liaisons to the educational platforms of all major sibling organizations involved in plastic surgery education. ACAPS is no longer a home for the academic elites, but rather it has grown into a "working personís organization." The organization is not focused on prestige or accolades, but it is the premier organization for resources provided to medical students interested in our specialty, and residents who wish to learn from and provide input to our Program Directors in improving the educational process. ACAPS is also the primary resource for faculty members who are engaged in developing and implementing the educational curriculum that defines a plastic surgeon. We welcome each of you to provide input as to how the organization can be most effective in carrying out its mission. As ACAPS president, it is an honor for me to be able to help guide the continuing evolution of our organization to best serve our mission to promote education and mentorship in plastic surgery.


Arun Gosain
ACAPS President