Important COVID-19 Related Announcements:

Uniform Invitation Date Update
To the Plastic Surgery community including interested medical students.

The membership of ACAPS initially voted to establish October 30th as the uniform interview extension date this year at the Spring business meeting in April. Times have changed, and ACAPS agrees with The Coalition's guidance to suspend in-person interviews and replace them with web based interviews for 2020-2021. We recognize this new format creates uncertainties regarding not only the mechanism for interviewing but also the strategy, raising such questions as "since financial and time costs are so much less, does my program need to interview more candidates; should my program offer more interview dates; would a tiered interview process help, etc." There is no single optimal solution for these questions, thus each program will develop a strategy that best meets its needs.

With such wide variability and uncertainty in mind, the ACAPS Board thinks it is important to continue the practice of having a unified initial invitation date for the wellness of our future residents. The data suggest that the distress that students endure waiting to hear from programs over a prolonged period of time was greatly relieved with the set invitation release date. The students have stated the uniform first invitation date was a great improvement going beyond cost and scheduling. Programs also reported their positive experience. With this in mind, the ACAPS Board suggests that we carry on with the consensus formed in April and continue to have a uniform date to extend initial invitations to applicants. Since the AAMC has moved the opening of ERAS back one month to October 1, 2020, the Board suggest that we move our uniform invitation date back one month to December 4, 2020. The Dec. 4 date allows the same amount of time to review applications as before, and since there is no need to travel to interviews this year, almost all of December is still available for virtual interviews.

Accordingly, the ACAPS Board is asking that the scheduling of virtual interviews begin on Dec. 7th. This allows applicants a weekend to assess their invitations and formulate a plan for interviewing. Further details as to the time of extending interview invitations and the time to begin scheduling will be coming at a later date.

Robert A. Weber, MD
President, American Council of Academic Plastic Surgeons

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